How Does It Work?

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Raise Your Authority with #1 International Best Seller Status in Amazon

We handle the entire campaign from start to finish and ensure you achieve #1 International Best Seller


Category Research

Using our specialised knowledge and systems we find the best categories to achieve multiple #1's .

Pre-Launch Planning

We ensure your book has the best chance of success and plan your launch to maximize the result on campaign day.

Launch and Monitoring

We also track all the results with screenshots and provide you with a final campaign report. You don't have to stay up for hours on end, refreshing Amazon pages .


We have been involved with over 2,500+ campaigns with 100% Success rate.

We offer a worry-free professional service to achieve #1 Best Seller Status for your book.


Remember being a #1 Best Selling Author is a priceless legacy that will remain for many generations to come.

As part of your membership package, we will execute our #1 International Best Seller Strategy designed to at least have you listed as #1 Number best seller in a 1 Amazon categories (per country) in 2 Countries. (1 per country)  United States, Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom.  

This is not a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE,  what we guarantee is to continue marketing your book until we get the target result.

Given we have never failed in 100's of books we don't feel a money-back guarantee means anything.


What Do We Need From You?

We need login access to your Amazon KDP account and any emails from Amazon need to be forwarded to us in regard to the category submissions. OR you or your publisher must undertake to follow our simple instructions.

Your book also needs to be priced at US$0.99 cents for a period of time (at least 48 hours or when we call the launch over).  If you want a higher price then we need to charge you the difference in pricing